Waste Management & Recycling

Key Center has a Solid Waste Management Policy that governs the management of the property’s solid waste stream. This includes ongoing consumables, durable goods, construction and demolition activities, mercury-containing light bulbs, and compostable goods and batteries.

Key Center’s janitorial staff collects the contents of standard trash and recycling receptacles and waste is disposed of in the appropriate compactor, located at the loading dock on the A level of the garage. In an effort to recycle e-waste, batteries are recycled by tenants in designated receptacles located on every floor, within each tenant suite. Compost is collected from the central kitchen bins by janitorial staff. These bags are biodegradable and disposed of in the compost dumpster at the loading dock.

As a result of ongoing education and participation from Key Center’s tenants, over 45% of all building waste has been diverted from the landfill.

Green Cleaning

Kilroy Realty Corporation has partnered with Pacific Building Maintenance to implement green cleaning standard practices. Practices include the use of the proper chemicals to minimize potential off-gassing, dilution of chemicals to reduce the presence of volatile organic compounds, the use of proper equipment such as HEPA certified backpack vacuums, round bonnet floor waxers, microfiber mops, and single-purpose colored cleaning towels.

In addition to the use of proper equipment, our janitorial staff undergoes regular training and education on best practices of green cleaning standards. Our janitorial staff is trained to clean in ways that minimize water usage and reduce supply usage. Training also takes place in recycle auditing and source pollutant controls.

Pacific Building Services’ staff includes a certified, in-house, LEED AP specialist to inform staff and update management on new or improved standards.

Sustainable Purchasing

Kilroy Realty understands the significant role material selection plays in the operation of a sustainable building. Throughout a material’s lifecycle, extraction, processing, transportation, use & disposal, there are many negative health & environmental consequences. Environmentally responsible purchasing can significantly reduce that impact.

Fitwel Certification

We are excited to announce that Key Center has achieved Fitwel certification, administered by the Center for Active Design. The Fitwel certification system, which rates the extent to which an existing building promotes positive health outcomes for occupants, was created as a joint initiative led by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the General Services Administration (GSA) in addition to experts in public health and design over a five-year process completed in 2015. 


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